URC - Halle Institute International Research Awards

The Halle Institute for Global Research has partnered with the URC to co-award up to eight (8) grants, in any URC category, for individual or collaborative research with an international dimension.

Proposal Review and Selection

Applications for joint a URC–Halle Institute International Research Award must meet all of the general eligibility criteria for URC funding and will be evaluated by one of the existing URC subcommittees.  To be considered for a URC–Halle Institute International Research Award, applicants MUST check the box in the URC application submission portal indicating that their proposal involves international research. Applications deemed ineligible for this award will be considered for general URC funding.  

Applications that receive strong evaluations from the appropriate URC subcommittee and meet the following criteria will be forwarded to the Vice Provost for Strategic Research Initiatives and the Director of the Halle Institute for Global Research for final review. 

  • The proposed research must include a significant (if not complete) focus on work conducted outside of the United States.
  • The proposed research must include significant research time outside of the United States.
  • The URC- Halle Institute International Research Award will not fund more than two international airfares between Atlanta and research sites.
  • The URC-Halle Institute International Research Award must be primarily used for the PI’s research outside the U.S.
  • Travel between international research sites is eligible and must be explained clearly in the budget.
  • If the proposed research involves collaboration with an international partner, the applicant must include a statement describing the collaboration and an indication of how the research will be shared with international partners.   The applicant should include a letter of invitation/commitment from partnering institutions such as universities, research centers, archives, libraries, laboratories and/or government agencies.   
  • Projects that include research (including in comparative perspective) related to one of Emory University’s strategic country initiatives in Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Korea, and India are encouraged.
  • Collaborative projects that are multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, or include colleagues and students from multiple schools, are encouraged.
  • Payment to non-U.S. collaborators for research conducted outside of the United States – Please refer to the Emory Finance website for important information, forms, and guidance regarding the use of funds from the URC-Halle award.  Specific questions regarding payment of research funds to non-U.S. collaborators should be directed to nonresident.tax@emory.edu.


Information about grants awarded under this program will be posted on the Halle Institute for Global Research and Learning website.  Applicants must agree to credit the University Research Committee (URC) and The Halle Institute for Global Research in any publications, conference presentations, grant applications, and/or intellectual property applications that result from awards.  Citation information will be provided in the Notice of Award. 


If pertinent, awardees must be able to provide the following items within 60 days following a Notice of Award. 

  • IRB Approval Letter
  • Approved Protocol