We are not currently accepting applications for URC and ACTSI applications

(See instructions below)

Guidelines and Instructions for Preparation of Proposals

Click here for Joint URC/ACTSI Funding proposal submission criteria


The main criteria used to evaluate a URC application are the fundamental merit of the proposal and the qualifications of the applicant to perform the proposed work. In addition, the URC may also consider other factors during the review process. This is particularly relevant for applications reviewed in the Biological Sciences Sub-committee which receives the largest number of applications. These criteria include:

  • The likelihood that URC support will eventually lead to extramural funding for the proposed work.
  • Evidence that the applicant is independent, or on a clear path to independence, in terms of their ability to be the intellectual leader of the proposed research. Letters of support from mentors, Department Chairs, or collaborators may be appropriate.
  • The current level of funding (extramural as well as institutional) that the applicant has available to support their overall research activities.
  • The applicant´┐Żs track record with previous URC funding (if relevant), including clear evidence that these projects were successful in terms of extramural funding and/or peer-reviewed publications.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to address these criteria clearly in their applications. The URC Chair and staff welcome advance inquires on potential application prior to preparation or submission. Applicants may direct any questions regarding the URC application or review process directly to the URC office.


  • Proposals are invited from all faculty throughout the University.
  • Faculty are ineligible to submit an application for three years after the budget end date of their last URC funding.
  • Faculty holding temporary positions are not eligible.
  • URC funds can not be used to support graduate students or Post-Doctoral Fellows.
  • All applicants can apply for a maximum of $30,000.
  • Only one proposal per applicant per deadline.
  • These funds are intended to help researchers achieve short-term research goals that can be accomplished in one year and are not intended as a continuing source of funding.
  • Multidisciplinary projects will be considered, but each project must stand on its merits, and all or parts of the project may be funded if meritorious. Individual grants will be reviewed by the pertinent subcommittee.
  • Translations are allowable if it is a research project by the faculty i.e., must be interpretive in nature, not funds for the work to be translated by someone outside of Emory, or for translations of their own work into another language.
  • URC will not fund collaborators trips to Emory, travel to conferences, or requests to hold conferences.
  • IRB approvals are required after the notice of award.
  • Proposals DO NOT have to be routed through Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

Translational and Clinical Studies Grant Program submissions are now being accepted. click here to view requirements

  • Fill out appropriate application: Health/Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Math/Natural Sciences, Humanities, or Visual & Performing Arts.

  • All Proposals must be submitted electronically. All required signatures must be included with your submission. When your proposal is complete, including signatures, it can be scanned into a single Adobe PDF file and submitted electronically.

  • Please note that you must have your Emory University user name and password to submit your proposal electronically.

  • Prepare proposal as follows:
    • 12-point font
    • Single-spaced only
    • One-inch margin throughout
  • Assemble proposal in the following order:
    • Four-page application provided by the URC
    • Eight-page proposal (If the application is a resubmission there must be an additional one-page explanation of changes made to the proposal since its last submission.)
    • CV (two-page maximum length)
    • Pending or existing grant(s) budget pages

Applications can be obtained from the URC website before the submission deadline of the upcoming grant cycle.

Emory College Proposal Routing Procedure

Proposals from Emory College to the URC are reviewed by the Office for Research Funding and Support (ORFS) for signature on behalf of the Dean. Proposals must be received by ORFS three days prior to the URC deadline.
ORFS also provides review, approval, and signature of the Expedited Course Release Request form, if applicable. Please direct any questions regarding routing procedures and course release to ORFS at 404-712-8672.