Emory Conference Center Subvention Fund

On Hold until Further Notice

The Emory Conference Center (ECC) is currently used for Covid-related student support. Therefore, the Subvention Fund is on hold and not accepting applications until ECC operations are fully back to normal. Once the hold is released, the following details will apply.

The Emory Conference Center Subvention Fund Awards offset the costs of hosting high-profile, intellectually significant academic conferences held at ECC and organized by Emory University faculty. The Subvention Fund Awards make possible the use of the Conference Center's state- of-the-art meeting facilities. It is expected that internal and external co-sponsorship contributions will be used to supplement the Subvention Fund Award amounts.

Applications for Subvention Fund Awards typically begin in September and may be submitted throughout the year. Upon depletion of the annual Subvention Fund allocation, the acceptance of proposals will be closed until September of the next academic year. Subvention Fund Awards typically range from $5000 to a maximum of $30,000.

Online Proposal Form

Application steps

  1. First, consult with the Emory Conference Center Hotel to secure the date(s) and cost estimate.
  2. Complete the  online proposal form
  3. Submit the cost estimate worksheet for rooms and facilities provided by the Emory Conference Center Hotel (please upload and attach to proposal form).
  4. Submit supporting materials, such as a tentative schedule of events or preliminary program, noting invited speakers, their qualifications, and home institutions (please upload and attach to proposal form).

Note: Before submitting a proposal, applicants must make conference reservations with the Emory Conference Center Hotel and secure a cost estimate worksheet. The Emory Conference Center Hotel will hold space reservations for three business days. We will make every effort to respond to your request for funding within that window of time. See below for more information.


  • Eligible applicants include
    • all regular full-time Emory faculty, tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track faculty with long-term appointments
  • Excluded from eligibility are
    • adjunct or visiting faculty members
    • faculty members whose contracts will not be renewed for the following year
    • faculty members who plan to resign their appointments at the end of the current year
  • No faculty member or specific conference may receive subvention funds more than once in a three-year period. Unsuccessful applicants may reapply without prejudice.
  • Funds may not be used to offset accommodation costs for non-presenting, or non-speaking conference attendees.

Developing the Application

  • In advance of developing a fund proposal, faculty and/or conference organizers are welcome to schedule a consultation with the Subvention Fund Coordinator. For more information, please contact Yixin Duan, urcappl@emory.edu.
  • The Fund is geared primarily to offset the costs of hosting conferences at the Emory Conference Center.  Confirmation of availability MUST be obtained, in writing, immediately before submitting the proposal to the Subvention Fund.  IMPORTANT:  Keep in mind that the Conference Center will hold space reservations for a maximum of 3 business days.  To obtain confirmation, conference organizers must contact Denise Thomas (404-712-6011) Conference Center senior sales manager, for availability of facility dates, room rates, meeting rooms, catering, etc.
  • Conference organizers are encouraged, but not required, to charge conference registration fees. Fees should be two-tiered, with a lower student rate offered to encourage student attendance.
  • As you develop the conference proposal, please note that a plan for evaluating the success and impact of the event is required.
  • Double-check all estimate and budget figures (see below). Please include all conference center sales tax.

Budget Requirements

Please be prepared to upload a pdf of the Emory Conference Center Hotel cost estimate worksheet as part of the online proposal form.

The online proposal form requires the following information:

  • Total expense budget:
    • Qualifying expenses from the Emory Conference Center Hotel
    • Speakers/Honoraria Amount(s)
    • Publicity & Marketing
    • Non-Salaried Event Staff (including student assistants)
    • Office Supplies
    • Other (please itemize and describe)
  • Total income budget:
    • Total anticipated event income, excluding Emory Conference Center Subvention Fund Award
    • Registration fees (total anticipated amount)
    • Emory Internal Co-Sponsorships (please name and include contribution amount*)
    • External Co-Sponsorships (please name and include contribution amount*)
    • Other Income Sources (please name and include contribution amount*)
*estimated contribution amounts are acceptable

Criteria of Evaluation

  • What is the scholarly impact of the conference? Please note in detail the anticipated scholarly outcomes from the conference (for example, publications, grant proposals, etc.).
  • What is the scholarly impact upon the Emory intellectual community?
  • What number of Emory faculty will be involved in the conference (for example, planners, speakers, anticipated attendance)?
  • Which disciplines are represented in the proposal?
  • How much national or international visibility will the conference bring to Emory?
  • To what extent will Emory students be participating?
  • How much funding is secured from internal/external sponsorships, and/or sources other than the Emory Conference Center Hotel Subvention Fund?
  • Is this event a collaborative effort among Emory faculty members? If so, which schools and disciplines do the collaborators represent?
  • How will the event's success be evaluated and assessed?

After the Conference

  • Subvention Fund award recipients/conference organizers are required to include three questions from the Fund in its post-conference evaluation surveys, and to report the results back to the Fund.
  • Within 30-days following the conclusion of the conference, award recipients/organizers are required to submit a post-conference report to the Subvention Fund by completing a ten-question survey.  A SurveyMonkey link to the report will be provided.

Emory Conference Center Subvention Fund
University Research Committee (URC)
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

For additional information, please contact the Subvention Fund Coordinator: urcappl@emory.edu