Albert E. Levy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research


The University Research Committee (URC) is accepting nominations from faculty for The Albert E. Levy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research. The two nomination categories are Junior Faculty Award and Senior Faculty Award. Nominations, including self-nominations, may be submitted by Faculty members from any school or unit of Emory University by 11:59 PM December 9, 2022.

Please email questions to the University Research Committee Administrative Support,

Please refer to eligibility and nomination guidelines

The Albert E. Levy Award for Excellence in Scientific Research was established to recognize the contributions of Emory faculty members to the advancement of scientific knowledge. This award was created by Edith Levy Elsas, a civic and academic activist, while she was a member of the Emory University Board of Visitors in memory of her father, Albert E. Levy. The award is overseen by the University Research Committee (URC).

Each year the University Research Committee accepts nominations from the faculty at large in recognition of two faculty members, one junior and one senior, considered by the nominating faculty to be outstanding in their respective fields of research. 

Each awardee is celebrated with a contribution in research fund:

  • $2000 for the Junior Faculty Award recipient
  • $2000 for the Senior Faculty Award recipient

In addition, each awardee receives a trophy.

Originally overseen by Emory University's Sigma Xi, a Scientific Research Honor Society that encourages research communication across multiple scientific disciplines, the Levy Award program stopped for a period of time when the Emory Chapter of the Society became inactive. In the year 2000, at the request of the benefactor, the Albert E. Levy Award was reinstated to be administered by the University Research Committee.

Congratulations to the 2022 Albert E. Levy Award Recipients