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URC Awards


Thank you for looking to the University Research Committee to fund your research.   Below you will find important information regarding this year’s award cycle.  Please be sure to note policy changes as well as mandatory submission guidelines. 

 Important Policy Change Information

In consultation with the Provost’s Office and with the Faculty Council, the URC has instituted a change in policy: applicants may now request funds for student assistance (including undergraduates, graduate students and post-docs), in addition to allowable expenses related directly to the research project submitted.  The URC awards continue to be short-term, non-renewable grants, capped at the amount specified in each category, available on a competitive basis.  Therefore, it is incumbent on the applicant to ensure that alternate funding sources will cover student compensation, where needed, beyond the period of URC funding.  Any fees and expenses must fall within that total dollar amount, and be spent within the year of the award.  Please note that this change only applies to future awards given by the URC and is NOT retroactive for awards given in previous years.  

Full-time Emory Faculty are eligible to apply, and successful applicants are eligible to apply again in three years, provided that they submitted their end of award report to the URC coordinator.  


  • Applications can no longer be emailed to the URC coordinator. 
    All applications submitted here:

          2018 URC On-Line Application

    After logging in, select "URC Start Grant Application".
    Application period for 2018 URC Awards:
          Submission Portal opens: November 15, 2017
          Submission Portal closes: 5:00 pm on January 8, 2018


  • Interdisciplinary applications may occasionally exceed the $40,000 limit in case of unusually interesting and promising projects.  Justification is required and must be submitted along with the application.

  • Although budget is not a criterion for assessing the merit of the application, please bear in mind that the funds requested should be aligned with and/or are appropriate for the proposed work to be done. 

  •  Please note the following policies:

    • Only direct expenses for the specific project are funded;
    • Nothing that binds the university to a future expense or commitment;
    • Nothing that could be construed as part of a faculty’s usual operating expenses (e.g., the purchase of a pc; travel to conferences)
  • The following are allowable expenses:

    • Course release (only applies to Emory College, Candler School, and Oxford College). If you are requesting URC funds to support course release, you must include a course release form with your Chair's and Dean's signatures. Note that course release is not equivalent to a sabbatical leave; if a URC funded project includes course release, the applicant is still required to participate in all other professional activities required by the department, school and university unless otherwise arranged with your Chair and Dean.
    • Direct expenses for the specific project;
    • Equipment may only be requested in cases involving specific hardware or materials that may possibly be needed to carry out precisely the research in the proposal, giving clear explanation and justification;
    • Sub-contracts to Emory-affiliated entities such as CHOA with justification.
  •  Non-allowable expenses include:

    • Purchasing equipment of a sort involving normal operations (e.g., personal computers, standard laboratory equipment in the field);
    • Purchasing books or computer software, subscribing to professional journals;
    • Conference attendance.

To prepare your submission, please gather the following materials in a single PDF document:

Brief (approx. 250-word), lay person’s abstract

Research Plan (eight pages maximum, not including appendices)

CV (two page maximum for each PI and co-PI)

Bibliography of works cited in proposal

Certification page completed and signed by Department Chair

Course Release Form signed by the Department Chair (if applicable)

 For resubmissions:

Explanation of changes since last submission (one-page maximum)



Questions and concerns can be directed to Ms. Terri Whitehead 2-1340 or